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Hillsdale Landscaping, LLC.


                We grew up in Dumont NJ and moved to Hillsdale NJ and regardless of where I was or where I moved to, I came from a family where getting muddy and being outside was not only normal, it was encouraged.  I grew up playing in the dirt, often with my siblings and neighbors and sometimes, I would stray away as the curiosity of all that surround me prevailed.  I was always intrigued by nature; the plants, smells and sounds were frankly, captivating.  Most mornings, whether we were out and about, or I had to sneak away, you could find me snacking on the mulberry tree we had in our yard. 

As I got older my obsessions remained, but I found something I wanted a bit more. Not a gaming system or a new bike, but a bulldozer.  Yes, a bulldozer.  I was fascinated by them, like kids growing up watching monster trucks or drag racing.  My obsession wasn’t grandiose, but it was mine and until I sat in one, used one and owned one, I didn’t think that feeling would dissipate.  Fast forward a decade or so, and I own a few.  Something as simple as that tends to be the foundation of who I am.  I have an interest.  I focus my attention on that interest and what it will take to obtain it. I pursue it and my goal is to accomplish it.  You see it in my life and you most certainly, see it in my work.   

                I started working in the landscaping business around the age of 10.  I would do simple things, like begging dad to let me mow the lawn or trim the hedges.  Mostly, because I wanted to be around my dad but as time went on, I enjoyed the rewarding feeling that came over fixing something that was messy or broken.  I found it calming.  So when I started to do it on my own, I really did it for baseball card money but eventually I had more money than baseball cards saved up, so I started looking at it through a more “grown up” set of eyes.    

                 I have owned and operated Hillsdale Landscaping for 24 years and to this day I still have clients that I started with.  I was just a kid but that alone is a testament to the value my service can and has provided.  Hillsdale Landscaping will take on all types of jobs, nothing too big or too small, but we tend to be more selective in the choices we follow through with.  By that I mean making conscious decisions to adhere to the customer’s budget and wishes over the lucrative nature that a possible job could yield.  If it isn’t in my wheelhouse, I suggest someone more suited for the task.  I would rather make sure each customer or prospective client is happy and understands the job fully, than not be anything but 100% satisfied with the result. To this day, I still have most clients from when I first started working all those years ago. I don’t know if that is a testament of who I am, my work or both.  

Hillsdale Landscaping is available 24 hours a day,7 days a week.  We have reviews all over the place, so if you need some added validation, please feel free to look through google and take notice to some of the comments and remarks customers have left. 

We truly look forward to hearing from and working with you. 




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At Hillsdale Landscaping & Construction of Bergen County NJ, we pride ourselves in taking outdoor spaces and making them beautifully functional and  Enduringly pleasurable. Our exciting new approaches to traditional landscaping challenges result in outdoor living spaces your family can cherish forever.


Whatever you have in mind, Hillsdale Landscaping helps add value to your property and to your life!


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